Windows Moviemaker v2.6In the new Windows Live Essentials Pack Microsoft has released a new version of the Windows Movie Maker which is having the ribbon interface as in Microsoft Word. But many of the Advanced Windows Users are more likely used to the previous interface. Microsoft have now released Windows Movie Maker v2.6 which is for Windows Vista.

Luckily Windows Movie Maker v2.6 for Windows Vista can also be used in Windows 7 too.
So the users can now enjoy the previous old Movie Maker without the ribbon interface.
In reality this old version have more features than the new Movie Maker because microsoft have removed features like adding text on videos, time line, audio edits which were the most powerful and needed options. This was done to make the interface more simple. But most users prefer the old Windows Movie Maker with more features. Download and install movie maker from the following link.Download Microsoft Windows Moviemaker v2.6

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