There wont be any windows fans who aren’t willing to try out the latest operating system from microsoft. You would rush to install the new windows 7 as soon as you get it.

Repair Corrupt Windows 7 Installtion

Repair Corrupt Windows 7 Installation

But wont it be frustrating when you find that you have ended up with a corrupt windows 7 installation ? The installation might have stopped just after copying all the files, or might be stopped at the middle of the process. In most cases most we go for reinstalling windows 7 all from the beginning. But think twice.  There is a way to repair the halfway stopped or corrupted windows 7 installation.

Most of us go unnoticed about the ‘repair option’ when windows 7 install starts.

So lets start the process.

  1. First boot from the windows 7 DVD and the windows 7 setup will start.
  2. Choose the Language, country and proceed by clicking next.
  3. Now you will see  the “Install Now” option being displayed look and the bottom left of the window. You will See the Repair Your Computer option. Click on it. Repair your system option in Windows 7 installtion
  4. You will now be presented with the system recovery option window. Select your windows 7 install partition and proceed by clicking next.
    windows-7 start up repair option
  5. Now choose the Startup Repair
  6. Now proceed with the process. You system will be up and running. This will solve the windows 7 start up problems and corrupt installation problems in most cases.

You also have other recovery options if you face the problem of windows 7 not starting up. In this case (you have been already using windows 7) you will find the system recovery option handy. If you have created a system recovery image earlier you can go with that and easily restore your windows 7.

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