How To Use Software’s After Trial Period is Over

Are you looking for a way to run trial softwares forever? There are some simple as well as tricky ways to make a trial software run after its trial period has been over.

Some use special softwares to monitor the installation process of the trial softwares (so that the complete modifications done by the software installation can be tracked) and later uninstall the software completely once trial is over while some would totally reinstall windows just for the sake of running that trial software again and again. There are some other good programs which can do some date alterations so that these trial programs could be run forever.

Time Stopper is a tiny utility which eliminate the time limit existing into trial software usage period. This tools support the usage of more than one trial software with it. You can configure the program to make a program to be run at a particular date. So, you don’t have to worry about altering the usual system time from the system tray. This trick might now always work with all the softwares.

How to Use Time Stopper Software To Run Trial Softwares

trial software time stopper

  1. After opening the time stopper program, Browse and locate the exe of the program to be done
  2. Now choose a date and time. Make sure you choose a date that is after the program installation and is before the expiration date of the program.
  3. Now click open software on the desired date.

You could also create a shortcut to run the software another time without the need of opening time stopper software again.

Download Time Stopper

Note :- This post is for educational purposes only. Do support the software manufacturers by purchasing the licensed softwares if you like them.

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