How i Upgraded Successfully To WordPress 3.0 Manually

Recently i was upgrading my brothers blog to the new wordpress version. Due to some write permissions in his ftp directory i normally update wordpesss manually for him. Every thing went fine till the last update before the wordpress 3.0 release. During this new release, i tried to upgrade to wordpress the normal way as i did before. But it started to give header not fund error and wp-db file error codes in line so and so. So, after trying some ways i were able to get it done properly. Here are the steps, i went through to upgrade to wordpress 3.0 manually.

  1. Backup the wordpress database first.
  2. Then i made a backup of .htaccess and wp-config files. Since i don’t use any other languages in wordpress i didn’t take the backup of the languages directory in wp-includes/languages/.
  3. Next i downloaded WordPress 3.0 and extracted all the files into my pc.
  4. With the exception of the wp-content folder, i replaced all the other files in the ftp directory with the extracted files including the wp-admin and wp-includes folder.
  5. Now login to the dashboard of your wordpress site.
  6. A screen asking you to upgrade the wordpress database will be shown.
  7. wordpress 3.0 database manual upgrade image

  8. Click the upgrade WordPress Database Button and you will see the following image if successful.
  9. Upgrade successful image of wordpress 3.0 database

  10. Now if you have any other languages install just replace them with the backup files took earlier.
  11. You are now on WordPress 3.0!
  12. Happy Blogging…

If you have any troubles upgrading to wordpress 3.0 manually you can post them in the comments, i will be happy to help you out.

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