It is equally important to have the latest device drivers in your PC as you’d keep your Windows 8 OS updated. There’s a possibility that system errors and crashes could occur due to out-dated drivers, driver conflicts or incorrect driver installation in your PC. To get the latest drivers for your Windows 8 PC, you’d need to check the manufacturers website to know whether updated drivers are available for your hardware.

While this might not seem as tiring as you’d do these steps after a clean Windows 8 installation, this would turn out to be time consuming when you need to go through this manual process regularly to download the latest drivers for Windows 8.

There are many free software that claim to keep the device drivers in Windows 8 updated automatically. You might already know that most of these tools would just scan for outdated drivers in your system and present you with the list but you need to buy / register the software for downloading the updated drivers.

If you’re looking for a free software that could automatically scan and update the drivers in your Windows 8 PC, IObit Driver Booster would be worth trying out. Unlike other apps, IObit Driver Booster helps you to update drivers in just 2 steps.

All you need to do is just run the application to view the list of out-dated drivers along with its related information and just click the Update button.

iobit driver booster to update windows 8 drivers

You could see three more tabs that includes the More info (device information), Status (how old the driver version is) and Action. It is obvious that the interface has been made clean and very simple for the users.

You may selectively update the drivers or click on the “Update All” button on the top to begin downloading the new drivers. Driver Booster would then start downloading the required drivers.

iobit driver booster driver download

After completion of the download, Driver Booster begins to install the package and user intervention is only required in-case you are prompted with windows such as accepting license agreement.

You need not worry if something goes wrong after the windows 8 driver update process as Driver Booster creates a restore point each time a driver update is made. This way you could roll back the driver to a previous version but you’d lose the changes you’ve made after the driver update. You could see the restore drivers option at the top right corner of the Driver Booster window. There is no option for specific driver backups though.

drivers windows 8 update

Driver Booster is set to scan your PC for out-dated drivers every week by default. The only setting that might bother you is that the program is set to start automatically with Windows. Since it already includes an option to run a scheduled scan weekly, running the program in the background doesn’t make any sense.

You may change this under the settings where you could set the driver download location, choose whether to remove the installed driver installers etc. There is also provision to setup proxy under the ‘Network’ option. It’s good to change the driver download location to another drive as you no longer have to download the driver again in-case, you format your main drive for some reason.

Driver Booster is a must have utility that is very simple and straightforward in its operation with no confusing settings. With Driver Booster installed and setup on your Windows 8 PC, you no longer have to worry about ensuring that the device drivers are up-to date.

Download Driver Booster (~ 4.9 MB)

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