There are still many users who dont update their security softwares regularly due to the reason that they don’t have an internet connection. To protect your PC regularly you must update the antivirus regularly. But Symantec Norton AntiVirus overrule nod32 for those who don’t have an Internet connection only because it provides virus definition files to update Norton Antivirus Offline ie. without an internet connection. Here is a nice trick to Update nod32 antivirus if you don’t have an internet connection ie. you can now install the updates from your harddisk or USB drive.

You can download the regular Nod32 updates from and extract the contents of the file.

UPDATE NOD 32 with DVD/CD (Method 1)

First create a directory called ‘nod_upd’ and extract/copy the update files to it. Now burn this to a DVD/CD and open the NOD32 Control Center and and choose the update option. Now Click on ‘Setup’ button and from the ‘Server’ drop down list choose the CD/DVD-ROM drive as the update option. Insert the CD/DVD and choose ‘update now’ option. Your system will be updated now.

UPDATE NOD32 from Harddisk or USB/Pendrive drive (Method 2)

This method of update is a bit more tricky. To do this update go to the ‘Start Menu’ and select ‘Run’ and type ‘regedit’. This will open the Windows Registry Editor. Now navigate to the key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\ESET\Nod\CurrentVersion\Modules\Update\Settings\Config000\Settings. Now look for the key named ‘Selected Server’ and change its default value from ‘Autoselect’ to ‘FILE:C:\Nod_upd/’. Use the same path as the update file location (Harddisk or USB drive/any other drive). Now close the Registry Editor. Now open the nod32 update screen and select “Setup”. At the update option click on the ” Update now ” option to Update your nod32 Antivirus.
Wait for a while and your nod32 antivirus will be updated with the latest virus definitions.

Apart from the above mentioned methods to update nod32 offline, you can also try this one.

Download the updates to any folder. Let it be to a folder in your C: drive (C:\latestnod32update).
Now open the NOD32 Control Center and select the update option.

Now Click on the ‘Setup’ button.
In the ‘Server’ give the path of the folder where we have saved the updates here it is C:\latestnod32update and confirm with ” OK ”

Among all the servers select it and click ” OK “.
Finally Click the Update now option and Nod 32 will be updated now.

So from now on you will be able to update NOD32 (2.7 and above) offline that is without an Internet connection.

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