Do you have problems updating kaspersky Internet Security / Antivirus online? Do you want to update your Antivirus regularly ? . This post is in response to a question asked by one of my readers. He is a computer technician, who works with and repairs many pc’s daily, and he is a very busy person, so time management is important for him. He is a fan of Kaspersky and he recommends it to all of his clients.

Kaspersky Offline Updates How to

Kaspersky Offline Updates How to

As you know, there is no point in installing the best antivirus/internet security without being able to update it. Updating Kaspersky takes a very long time as their servers are damn slow. So, he asked me is there any other way to save time by updating kaspersky as quick as possible in computer’s with and without internet connection.

In case if you don’t have a internet connection you download the kaspersky update files from your friends pc, or from else where and you can install and update kaspersky in your computer with the latest virus signature database. Here is How to Update Kaspersky without Internet.

There is a tool called Kaspersky Updater that will download the latest updates for all kaspersky products, including the latest virus signature database and also the program components.

  1. First Download the Kaspersky Updater Program from the official Kaspersky forums, you need to register there to get the program, else you can just google it, but its better to go with the reliable source to download the program. I am not giving the direct link to the program because, i am not sue whether it is legally right to give it directly. If every thing is fine i will post the download link as soon as possible.
  2. After downloading the updater utility, extract the contents of it in the same directory. The Updater and GUI utility must be there in the same directory. Now, start the KasperskyUpdater.exe program.
  3. From the shown option, choose Download databases for the selected products and tick the boxes corresponding to the kaspersky version you need. Now click on Apply and Start. The program will start downloading the latest updates for kaspersky.kaspersky updater downloading updates
  4. Now we need to configure Kaspersky to download the offline updates. For this, Click on Settings > Choose Update on the left pane (its My Update Center in the latest Kaspersky Version).
  5. Kaspersky Offline Updates Selecting Settings

  6. Click on Settings button > click Add, point to the location of the Updates folder and click on OK and finally, Uncheck Kaspersky Lab’s update servers > and click OK.Kaspersky Offline Update selecting location
  7. That’s it, Now you can successfully update Kaspersky Antivirus/ Internet Security Manually or Offline.

The Kaspersky Updater Utility takes a some time when you download the updates for the very first time, after-wards it takes only just a few minutes to download the latest updates, as the program supports incremental updates.

Now you will feel the time difference when updating kaspersky. It only takes less than a minute to update Kaspersky Offline to the latest version where as it takes upto an hour to complete the update online. So, even if you have an internet connection, following this method is a time saver.

If you have any doubts or Suggestions, Feel Free to Comment it down.

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