If you’ve got a Corsair SSD for your PC a few months back, it might be time to update it with a new firmware. But, it is possible for errors to occur during the firmware upgrade and the process might not complete successfully. The chances of failure are more, if you’re are performing an upgrade from an old firmware like the 5.02.

Many users have reported having problems during the firmware upgrade process, in corsair forums. I had the 5.02 stock firmware installed on my Corsair Force 3 SSD and i’ve managed to update it to the 5.0.7 firmware. It was not a direct upgrade though, i had to use two different tools and firmwares to get through the process.

Updating Corsair SSD Firmware Correctly

Note: Your system should not be powered off during the upgrade process. Doing so would leave the SSD in an unusable state.

  1. SSD’s are normally set to AHCI mode, but if you’re not sure about this, just enter the bios settings and ensure that this is correct. If not, set the SSD to AHCI mode.
  2. If you are unsure about the firmware version number on your ssd, download the corsair ssd toolbox from here.
  3. After the installation, open up the tools and you will see the current firmware version number being displayed on the window.
    corsair firmware version check
  4. Now, click the firmware update button and it will now search for new firmware versions. If it reports the availability of a new firmware, click the download button and the new firmware will be downloaded.
  5. The download will finish soon and you will be prompted to apply the new firmware. In-case, you have a firmware version 5.05 or later, you can proceed by clicking the apply button and the drive would be updated with the new firmware.

Corsair SSD Toolbox supports the following drives.

– Force 3
– Accelerator
– Force GS
– Force GT
– Neutron
– Neutron GTX
– Nova2 (SF based only)

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Fixing Corsair Force SSD Firmware Update Failed Error

If you are encountering errors during the firmware update process, then you might not be able to directly update to the new firmware.
corsair firmware update failed
To get through this problem, you’ve to update to a firmware version that is less recent than the newer version. So, in the above case, i tried upgrading from 5.02 to 5.07 and the upgrade process failed. To fix this, i upgraded to 5.05a firmware and then used the SSD toolbox tool to upgrade to the newer 5.07 version.

  1. Download the 5.05a firmware from this thread at corsair forum. Make sure you are downloading the right firmware for your drive, since the firmwares are being listed based on the storage space of your SSD.
  2. Now, grab the Corsair Sandforce Update tool.
  3. Extract all the contents you’ve downloaded and open up the Sandforce Update Tool. In a couple of seconds, the software scans for the connected drives and lists the SSD.
    ssd sandforce tool corsair frimware
  4. Check the SSD and choose Update Firmware option.
  5. Navigate to the directory where you’ve extracted the downloaded firmware. You’ll see three files being listed. Now, choose the one that corresponds to the signature of your drive (Refer the above image).
  6. Wait for a couple of seconds for the process to finish.
  7. Now, follow the normal update procedure using the Corsair SSD Toolbox as explained in the beginning of the article.
    Updating Corsair SSD firmware to 5.07
  8. Now, reboot the system.

If you’re still not able to update your Corsair SSD Firmware, it is recommended to perform the upgrade in another system, after erasing the contents of the drive. Corsair SSD Toolbox includes a few other options too including disk clone, secure wipe and the TRIM function (not supported on Windows 8).

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