How To Root Sony Ericsson Xperia Play

Using an Android Phone to its full potential is not possible without rooting it. This tutorial will explain how to unlock the boot loader and then to root sony xperia play. Rooting is a simple and fast task. It does come with its own risks. There is a chance that the phone may become damaged or bricked in the process of rooting. If you already have installed the Xperia Play drivers and unlocked boot loader on your phone then you can skip the next section.

Xperia Play

Unlocking Boot Loader:

  • First thing is to download the two packages you will need for unlocking boot loader – Fast Boot Package and the Sony Ericsson Drivers.
  • Once you have downloaded then extract them. Now that you have extracted them the next thing you need to is find your xperia play IMEI number. To see your phone’s IMEI number dial *#06#. This will show the IMEI number. Keep the screen like that. Don’t press OK just yet. Now visit this site in your PC.
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on Continue. Accept the Terms and Conditions then you will be asked for your IMEI number, Name and Email. Fill them in and submit it to receive a KEY. Note it down.
  • Next step is connecting your Xperia Play to your PC in fast boot mode. So first Switch Off your phone. Then holding the Search Button in your phone plug in the USB Cable. Windows will show an error in installing the drivers. This is where we use the Drivers we downloaded earlier. Now open Device Manager from Control Panel. Your phone will appear in Other devices drop down Menu. Right click it and click Update Driver Software. Click on Browse for Driver Software. Select the Folder to which you extracted the drivers(All the Folders need to be included so be sure to select a folder that has all these folders as sub-folders) and Click Next. Click on Install Anyway in the Warning that Appears. The Installation should finish in a few seconds.
  • Now that your phone has its drivers installed we can begin the actual unlocking process. Open the fastboot folder. Holding Shift key Right click there and then click Open Command Prompt here. Once Command Prompt is open type fastboot.exe -i 0x0fce getvar version. This command is to ensure that your phone is properly connected. If your phone is properly connected this will retrieve a version number. Next type in fastboot.exe -i 0x0fce oem unlock 0xKEY. Replace KEY with the Key you git earlier from the Sony Ericsson  Website. Hit Enter. This will take a few seconds to finish executing.
  • That’s it. Now just unplug your xperia play mobile.

How to Root Xperia Play:

  • First thing is to download the necessary Root Package from here.  After downloading it copy it to the fastboot folder mentioned in the earlier section. Note down the name of the .img file you just downloaded. In the provided link the name is play_modded. Once you are done copying it, open Command Prompt there as we did earlier by Holding Shift, Then Right Clicking then clicking Open Command Prompt here. In Linux and Mac open Terminal.
  • Now execute the command:
    >For Windows – fastboot flash system play_modded.img (If you are using a different image change the command as required)
    >For Linux – fastboot -i 0x0fce flash system play_modded.img
    >For Mac – fastboot-mac -i 0x0fce flash system play_modded.img
  • Now just wait while the file is flashed onto your phone.

via [XDA Developers]