Do you want an additional partition to be created for your system? Then here’s a tutorial on creating a partition on the PENDRIVE. Note that this is an advanced tutorial so it is advised that you should try it only after having a firm grip over the procedure.

Before you start, it is important for you to know that pendrive is detected as an operating system so in order to make a partition on the pendrive you have, portray the pendrive as a hard drive to the system. By creating numerous drives you are able to save your important data and protect it from viruses during the process.

Before starting the STEP 1, make a backup of your pendrive since you might need to format it during the process and download the drivers you will need during the process.

Download USB drivers

Now just trail these easy steps and you will be done!

Step 1:  Plug in your USB drive and open device manager. Now you will be able to see the hardware devices that are connected to your computer. Simply scroll down to the disk drives and click on it and then on the “properties” button.

Open Pendrive Properties

Step 2: Once the pendrive properties window opens, choose detail tab and then “device instance path”. When you see a string of characters, copy it and close the window.

Copy Device Instance Path

Step 3: Now open the folder of USB drivers you had downloaded and open the file named “cfadisk.inf ” in any text editor notepad or wordpad.

Step 4:  Once done, search for the words “device_instance_id_goes_here” in line number 26.

Replace this string with the string that you copied from the pendrive properties tab. Save the file and close your text editor.

Partition USB edit .inf file

Step 5:  Open the pendrive properties window again. Go to  ‘Driver’ tab and click on update driver.

Partition USB driver update

Step 6: Click on browse from computer and then on “let me pick from a list of drivers” as shown in the image below.

Partition USB selecting Drivers

Step 7: When the subsequent window appears, uncheck the box “Show compatible hardware”. Then click on the “Have disk button” and on “Browse”. Now choose that .inf file that we edited and click on OK.

Partition USB Choose Driver File

Step 8: Now a warning message should popup. Just ignore it and click on yes. Progressing further the computer should start the installation of the driver. Ignore the other warnings that pop up. Then click on install. Wait for the system to complete the installation.

Driver Update Warning

Wndows Security Alert

Congratulations! You are done. Your operating system will now detect the pendrive as a hard disk. Since pendrive appears to be a hard drive now you can move on to make partitions just the way you do it normally.

If you face any difficulty in this guide then let us know in the comment section, our experts will get back to you in minimum possible time.