Facebook constantly updates and revises its security and privacy settings. Albeit some changes are annoying, some turns out to be really useful like the facebook notifications feature. Though you might tamper with a lot of settings in facebook, its usual to go some of the changes unnoticed. One such small tweak that facebook has added is the ability to turn off the notifications without playing with any of its settings in your account. The notification area is pretty useful as facebook notifies you with the latest happenings around your network. Though this might be a useful feature, it could also turn out to be an annoyance at times when you get peppered with updates from Farmville, Mafia Wars etc. You might also get added to certain group or you might subscribe to certain group in facebook for the time being, but things gets worse when these groups have their activities going on at a rapid rate. You need to drive through all those hurdles to peek on the updates you really need to see. So, if this is your case then here’s how you could remove those unwanted updates in facebook easily.

Disabling  Facebook Notifications

  • Click on the notification icon and to see the notification bar popping up.facebook notifications disable
  • Now hover over a particular notification you wish to disable.
  • You would see a small cross mark ‘ x ‘ to the top right corner of that particular notification.
  • Just click on the cross mark and you will be asked to turn off that particular notification. Just click Turn off and proceed. Its good that facebook prompts you again to confirm the action, as this would help is disabling notifications accidentally.turn off facebook notifications
  • You dont have to worry about getting notifications from that particular place again from now.

This is just a simple method to selectively disable the unwanted notifications in facebook notification center. You may also consider tweaking the settings in your account area, to get more control over the notifications you are receiving.


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