In past days, RightInbox does just one thing that is, sending emails on your own schedule. You can use it to schedule when you desire to send an email even down to the minute and then just forget about that mail. Yes! It’s undoubtedly that much easy and painless.

But its not just scheduling the sending of your emails, now RightInbox enables you to follow the up to the minute information about, at what time your email is being opened by the receiver of your email.  It incorporates so efficiently and smoothly that sometimes it becomes almost impossible to remember that it’s not just a built-in feature.

It is basically an addon available for Chorme and Firefox. Installation process of Right Inbox is very easy all you have to do is to just head to their download site and install the extension as normal in Google Chrome or Firefox. Next time you login to Gmail, you’ll see a Gmail-style pop-over to activate Right Inbox. At this point you have to authorize it to access your Gmail account and choose the account you wish for. If you use several browsers in that case you’ll be required to install the extension in all your browsers, however, you’ll only have to authorize it just once.

RighInbox Notification in Gmail

RightInbox Grant Access in Gmail

On the other hand, if you are already enjoying the valuable utility of RightInbox then while composing a new email you will come across an absolutely fresh function there. Alongside the check box adjacent to the title of Track. Now the choice lies in your hand Just check the box, if you would like to be alerted when your e-mail is being unveiled. RightInbox is so active and watchful that as quickly as the receiver unwraps the email you will be received back with an alert email to inform you that your sent email has been unclosed by the respective receiver.

Track Email Using RightInbox

We are living in our “give me now” world that’s why we have become so much habitual about constant contacts and immediate and speedy feedback to emails. RightInbox has come up with the best possible solution for our expectations.  Along with response tracking Right Inbox is also improving its product to include more features like, improvements for sending large files, finding bulky attachments, email marketing and more. Keep visiting ComputingUnleashed to stay along with the updates.

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