Plenty of tools for processor stability testing and overclocking are available. Finding out the stable state of the cpu is a cumbersome process. test stability of intel processorYou need to do this by trial and error method. Moreover over processor overclocking is some thing which is very risky beginners should avoid it until they gain the knowledge to do it properly.

But here is an extremely useful processor stability testing application for the intel processors. The utility is called IntelBurnTest. Intel have coded the software in such a way that amd processors wont support it. But the tool will work with even the old intel processors such as the Pentium III.

Processor Stability Testing with IntelBurn Test Tool

The IntelBurnTest tool will stress the CPU, North Bridge, Memory and other computer components to their extreme limits! All you need to make sure is that your pc’s cabinet is equipped with proper ventilation and cooling.

You can now easily check your processor stability, Download IntelBurn Tool.

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