Flickr announced that it would be providing its users a mammoth 1 TB storage space for housing their photos for free. This is exceedingly large compared to the few GB’s provides by popular cloud backup services like Dropbox, Sky Drive etc.

For most users, this would be more than sufficient to have your entire collection of photos stored in the cloud for free! Though free users need to pay $49.99 a year for an ad-free interface. While uploading your files, each individual image file would have a size restriction of 200 MB. Unless you’re not a photography professional, this wont be a concern to you and if you want to go that extra mile, you could get an extra TB of space for $499.99 per year. Free users could also upload videos of upto 1 GB in size with 3 minutes of playback time.

If you wish to Sync your Photos between your PC and Flickr, you could use PhotoSync. You would find this service similar to Dropbox, if you’ve used that service before.

PhotoSync lets you download and upload your photos automatically. You needn’t be connected to the internet all the time to use PhotoSync, you could continue editing and organizing your photos Offline. PhotoSync would sync your photos with flickr once you connect to the internet.

flickr sync pc

Privacy Concerns

Photos uploaded to your Flickr account via PhotoSync would be set to Private by default. You could also set it to Public, family or friends. Photos that are uploaded to Flickr, would acquire the permissions set to the folder in which you place the pictures on your PC.

After the installation of PhotoSync, you’d need to restart your pc. It offers you two ways to synchronize your photos with Flickr. You could either chose to only upload your new photos (Photos wont be downloaded into your PC) or to keep the photos in your pc and Flickr fully synchronized.

Download PhotoSync (~ 8 MB)

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