Wondering how you can watch the videos on your pc in your iphone ? You could save the space on your iphone too by streaming your favourite videos from your pc.

air video streaming to iphone via pcThis process is now so simple with the Air Video app. It acts as a server and streams the videos to your iphone. Air Video is available as both Windows and Mac Versions. The app needs to be installed on both your PC and your iphone.

After launching the app it goes into the Windows Taskbar near the notification area. Double clicking the icon will launch the application window showing the shared Folders Tab (See the Screenshot).

air video start server streaming
Shared Folders tab will be blank during till you add folders to it. The bottom Window has the options to add a Folder, iTunes Playlist or Remove the ones if you already have added any. Shared Folders tab shows you the Folders with videos you have added for streaming to your iphone.

Now Click on the Start Server Button to get the air video server running. Next you need to download the Air Video app from App Store. Air Video app is free but it displays videos which are randomly selected from the shared folder. The full version lists all the videos.

After downloading and installing Air Video app on your iphone, turn on the Wifi From Settings. Now choose your local network connection if multiple networks are available.

Now start the Air Video app on your iphone. Now tap on the “ + “ on top left of the app. Your pc will be automatically detected and the computer name would be displayed. Tap on the name, it will present you with the folders you’ve added to the desktop app to stream videos to iphone.

air videos stream server pc
If the videos aren’t properly formatted for iphone, Air Video has the option to Play the Vide with Live conversion. During Live Conversion, the desktop app uses the pc to make it compatible for playing on the iphone.

air video streaming from pc to iphone
You could also stream via the internet, for this launch the Air Video application on you pc and go to the Remote tab. Now tick the box showing, “ Enable Access From Internet ”.

On doing so you will see a pin number being displayed below it. Note down the pin number displayed.

Now on the Air Video app on your iphone, Tap on the “ + “ on top left and tap on “ Enter Server PIN “.

stream to iphone via internet air video pin
Enter the pin number you noted down earlier on the screen and tap on Save. Now you can stream the videos via internet.

air video enter pin


The additional settings in the desktop versions include the ability to password protect, Starting Air Video along with windows, listening to custom port etc.

streaming from pc to iphone via air video
Air Video is just a great app that is a must have for all the media enthusiasts.


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