You may have seen many tutorials in the Internet related with starting certain applications along with windows. But they may not have told you how to start a program together with the windows. After reading their tutorial you might don’t know how a to start a program properly along with the windows start up. The process is very simple.Follow these steps to start an Application or Program along with Windows…….

  • First Right click the program you want to start along with windows.
  • Now select the option “Desktop (create shortcut)” seen under the “Send To” option.
  • A shortcut of the required program will be created on the Desktop.
  • I have done like this because the shortcut will require only a very small space instead of the program. So windows can quickly start the program along with it.
  • Next we have to copy this shortcut to the ” Start up ” folder of Windows. For that,
  • Select “RUN” from the “Start Menu” or press [Win] + [R]. Now type or copy the following into it and press [Enter].
    • start menu\Programs\Startup
  • You will see a windows popping up. This is the “Start up folder” of Windows.
  • Now right click the shortcut you have created earlier i the Windows Desktop and select cut. Now paste the program in the newly opened window. i.e. the Start up folder of windows.

Done that’s it. Now that program or Application will automatically start along with windows.

Amal Roy is the Founder-Editor of Computing Unleashed. A Technology Enthusiast, Windows Adept and a Proud Geek!