Posting very long articles on a single page creates many problems. Most of the visitors wont take the time to read up the entire post and they leave it half way behind. But if you could split those large posts and pages, the visitors would find it easy to read the posts and the result is that, they stay on your site for more time.Splitting long posts into pages in wordpress So here is how you can split posts in wordpress and make them paginated.

To make long posts into pages,

Switch to the Html View in your create posts editor and then insert <!--nextpage—> tag from where you need to split the post into another page.

It looks like this.

Even if you change the SIM card, it won’t be changing because the IMEI number is not in the SIM, but in your phone.


Every mobile phone will be having a unique IMEI number.

So now the first sentence shown here goes into the page 1 and the content shown after the “next page” tag would automatically fall into page 2.

Thats it. Now you can split up those lengthy posts and make it easy for the readers.

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