Speed up Video BufferingDo you experience slow video buffering speeds? Thinking of how to buffer the videos faster? The videos get buffered slow at times. For users with slow internet access speed and for dialup users this is a head ache. They’ll lose the pleasure of watching videos hitch free. Usually in such cases, we pause the video and leave it for some time to get the video buffered 100%. But also wastes the time. But there is a way to speed up buffering of videos.Speed Bit Video Accelerator has come up with a solution to buffer videos faster in youtube, metacafe, Dailymotion, Bebo, CNET and other 150+ popular video sharing sites. This tool will stream the videos using multiple connection to the server of the video sharing site. The company offers a speed boost of upto 5 times the normal video streaming speed by this method.

Stream videos faster

SpeedBit Video accelerator comes as a freeware version and also a paid version. The freeware version well suits normal users, but the paid version is for serious video enthusiasts who want to have the videos in HD quality.

The Free version does its job well and you can now watch your videos without pausing and waiting, they will buffer faster after loading speedbit video accelerator.

Download Speed Bit Video Accelerator

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