Do you find the Google Chrome application on your android device is standing out from other installed browsers by being painfully slow ? If yes, you could speed it up with a small change within the chrome preferences.The following steps are applicable for all Devices, running any version of Google Chrome.

Open Google Chrome App on your Device. Choose Settings from list of options you get on tapping button on menubar.

Choose Developer tools from list of settings. Now, ensure that the check box to the right of ‘Enable Tilt Scrolling’ option is not ticked.

disable tilt scrolling to speed up chrome in android

This little change could basically fix the lag in your chrome browser. You need to Close and Restart the app in-order for the changes to take effect.[credits]

The USB Web debugging option would enable you to debug webpages when the phone is connected to your PC.

You could also try clearing the cache and data usage if you feel that you’ve been using the browser for a very long time.

For this, open up the settings option in your device, choose Apps (under Device). Now tap on ‘Chrome’ and you could see the Storage and Cache Options.

clear cache on chrome in android

Remember: Cache is used to store the frequently used data, this helps to prevent downloading the same data the next time you need it. But, in the long run cache gets filled up and eventually it gets filled with unused data. So it’s a wise idea to clear the cache once in a while.

Additional Tip :  As a final step you could try setting the Pre-loading option to ‘Always’. What this option does is that it will preload the next pages in advance so that you could enjoy a much snappier experience while browsing. This is set to preload page while you are connected to WiFi connection by default. Here, we are enabling the option for Data Network too.

For this, navigate to the Settings in Google Chrome app, and Choose ‘Bandwidth management’. Tap on ‘Preload webpages’  and choose the Always option.

preloading webpages in google chrome on Android

Note: Enabling this option might result in increasing the data consumption while Cellular Data Network is enabled on your device.

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