Make Internet Explorer 9 FasterThe new Internet Explorer is a very clean version compared to the old ones so it is natural that you would expect a high speed. If the speeds that you got from your Internet Explorer were not as expected then you have come to the right place.

You can speed up your Internet Explorer by:

>Disabling Add-Ons and Accelerators

To remove add-ons first take the menu bar by pressing Alt.Now select Tools>Manage Add-Ons.

disable addons to speed up internet explorer 9

Here you will be able to see your Add-ons and the time that they consume on their startup.Just select the ones you don’t need and select disable. You could remove them all if you are looking for maximum speed or just a few which which you use less often as each Add-On consumes very less. Also disable Accelerators which you do not usually use by selecting Accelerators in Add-On types and selecting disable.

>Stopping Auto-Update of feeds

Updating of feeds can slow down your browsing is you have subscribed to a large number of feeds or have a slow net connection.To stop auto-update of feeds, select Tools in the menu bar(to show menu bar press Alt) now select Internet Options.

Go to the Contents Tab and select Settings in Feeds and Web Slices.

feeds webslices disable internet explorer 9

Now you can either uncheck “Automatically check feeds and Web Slices.

>Turning On Pop-Up Blocker

Select Tools in Menu Bar then Internet Option.Under Internet options select Privacy Tab.Now check Turn-On Pop-Up Blocker.

Having a fast Browser is always important and can make all the difference. After following the above steps you will find out how fast Internet Explorer 9 Beta really is.