Did you ever wish to record Skype call of any specific contact? If yes, then Skype Auto Recorder is there for you. It is a simple and powerful application that allows you to record voice calls of any particular contacts. The application start recording the voice calls immediately after the phone call is accepted or received by that contact and at the end of conversation, it will be saved in MP3 format.

Skype Auto Recorder allow you to make “Record” and “Don’t Record”  list to give you full power  that whose call you want to record and whose not.

skype Auto Recorder

Skype Auto Recorder has many other splendid features as well. The application does not require any actions from user except initial configuration and keep working in silent mode. The filter in this application basically filters the recorded conversation of  contacts or group of contacts to different files.

Using Skype Auto Recorder is the easiest thing on this earth. Just follow our guideline below and start recording conversation in Skype.

Download Skype Auto Recorder

Step 1: Install the extension.

Step 2: Open Skype, click on “Allow access” and the extension will send the extension to system tray.

Step 3: Go to system tray context menu, click on Skype icon and access the  Settings dialog.

Step 4: Here create Skype contacts filters. You can enable/disable recording of voice calls from unfiltered contacts.

Step 5: To enable recording calls from unfiltered contacts, choose a separate folder to save the call recordings.

Step 6:  Now click OK to save the changes.

Now the application will record calls automatically as soon as the call is accepted. A small recording sign over system tray icon will appear indicating that voice call is being recorded.

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