Max CDN Service is one of the best cdn services around. When combined with W3 Total cache plugin this becomes one of the best things which can be used to speed up your website.

Here i will explain how you can Configure MAX CDN service with the popular W3 Total Cache Plugin.

After logging in to the MAX CDN account,

  • Click “Manage Zones” and then Click “Create pull zone”.

You will now see a screen as shown below.

setting up pull zone in max cdn

  • You could fill the required fields by referring the above image.
  • On the “Custom CDN Domain” Field you could enter a custom subdomain name if you want. for eg. You only need to set the correct cname records for the subdomain if you are using it.After saving the zone, MaxCDN will give you a new domain name for which you could create a CNAME record that points from your CDN URL ( to the long URL that MaxCDN provides.
  • Make sure you tick the enable compression option if your webhost support it.

Installing MAX CDN into WordPress using the W3 Total Cache Plugin

  • Now Open up the General Settings tab on W3 total Cache and scroll down the settings page to see the Content Delivery Network Option.setting up max cdn on w3 total cache
  • Now tick the enable option and select Mirror: Netdna/MAX CDN from the drop down list.
  • Now go to the cdn settings page of w3 total cache plugin and enter the host address you got earlier from max cdn for eg . This would be the case if you have setup the cname records other wise it will be the long url provided by max cdn itself.
  • configuring max cdn with w3 total cache

  • Now click Save Settings. Thats it.

Your static files will now be served from the max cdn network.

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