selling old iphones iPhone fans might be in an excited state, due to the release of the new iphone 4. You might be looking for a way to sell your old iphone 3G 3GS,and might have turned towards ebay but you might be confused about dealing with the shipping and other related things. Gazelle will help you if you desperately need some cash.

With Gazelle, you could easily sell your old iphone without worrying about the things which you might have earlier did. Gazelle will take your device off for presumptively less than what you might be expecting from ebay, but its an easy way to sell your gadget without much worries.

how to sell iphone via gazelle

Here is something that will make gazelle even more interesting, they will even pay for shipping and send a box for you to send out your iphone or others.

Gazelle now has a mobile version of its website specially optimized for the iphone users, so it will be more easy to sell the iphone itself from there.

Once you’ve completed selling your phone to Gazelle, the price will be locked for 30 days. So, no worries regarding the shipping process, until you have your new phone.

If you are planning to but the new iphone by selling the current one, go ahead and sell the old iphone with gazelle.

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