Want to select multiple files distributed in one directory? So easy, pressing Ctrl key and selecting the files one by one. But what do you do if your keyboard is trouble some or only you one hand is free at that time ? The solution for it is there in Vista.

Selecting multiple files in Windows vista is possible with the help of small check boxes in all versions of Vista with Tablet PC functionality(Windows Vista Home Premium, Business, Enterprise and Ultimate Editions). With the [Win] + [E] shortcut you can open Windows Explorer.Now click on ‘Organize‘ and select ‘Folder and Search Options‘ in the following menu. Then under the ‘Folder Options‘ tab got to the ‘View‘ tab. Now Under the ‘Advanced Settings‘ check the option ‘Use Checkboxes to Select Elements‘ and confirm by pressing the ‘OK‘ button.

Now after when you move your cursor over the icon of a file or a folder, a check box appears in the top left corner of the icon or just before it. The size of it will depend on the selected view. Simply check the corresponding box to select the file.

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