Download Seesmic App for iPhoneThe Seesmic app first came out to work on the blackberry phones, then flowing to work on many other phones and now it is also compatible with the iPhone. The Seesmic app was out in the app store to work with the iPhone, iPod Touch and also the newly arrived iPad. The main point is that the app is available for free download from the app store.

It lets you to manage multiple twitter accounts and post in all  accounts at the same time. Seesmic app also supports Facebook. You could find out the trending topics and explore the searches in Twitter using this app. It can also be integrated with the Evernote iPhone app. So you could easily note and save notes you are getting using the Seesmic app.

Download Seesmic App for iPhone

It also has the feature that lets you to manage multiple social networks like WordPress, Blogger, Myspace, Flickr etc. It supports many more social networking sites. You could switch between each account easily.

seesmic for iphone

Download Seesmic App for iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad

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