How to Secure Internet Explorer

make internet explorer saferA fair amount of people still loves the default browser in windows ie. Internet Explorer. The browser is the most targeted one by malicious users. But its said that this is mainly due to the insecurity of the browser. Here are a few things you could do to secure internet explorer browser.

There are four security zone settings in internet explorer. In the case of normal usage,  the settings coming under the Standard Internet Zone will be used unless the sites are listed in the trusted sites or restricted sites zones.

To get to the Internet Options go to Tools > Internet Options from the main menu and navigate to the Security Tab.

security settings for internet explorer

Now increase the security level by moving the sliding bar upwards based on the requirement you need. For eg, if the pc is intended for public use, its more wise to set the security settings to high or medium level.

Setting the slider to high level might prevent some sites from loading and some features on sites get disabled. And there’s always the Trusted Sites list where you could add those frequently used sites.

adding sites to trusted zone in internet explorer

This will ensure that all the features of the sites you visit would be available irrespective of the security level you set.

Users with some expertise could go for the custom settings. If you have deep knowledge regarding web technologies or if you could find out what a particular setting does, then this one is the best option to go for. You bump up the security and disable unwanted features as well.

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