You might have earlier missed the option in Gmail, to search for a particular email containing an attachment, by its name. Google has now added this functionality to gmail and you could easily search for your mails using the name of the attachments that came along with it.

Gmail started indexing the attachments, so one could now search inside file attachments and it works for .doc, .pdf, .ppt files etc.

Searching For Mails that has Attachments

  • To search for a particular email just type has:attachment in the search box, followed by the keyword ie. your file name.
gmail attachment search
  • For example, if you want to find the mail which had a pdf file name photovoltaic.pdf, just search has:attachment photovoltaic.pdf .
search attachment in gmail
  • Gmail will list you all the mails that contain attachments with that particular name.

This is just a basic feature, which google should have added long before.

Note : This feature is not available for Google Apps Business Users at the moment.

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