Save Windows & Application Before ShutdownDid windows restarted and you lost all of your opened programs/windows? Do you need to urgently restart the system when at the middle of a serious work? Well, this might be a situation faced by many. You’ll lose all of the opened programs and windows when windows start again. Reopening each and every window and programs back to its previous state will be a time consuming task, especially if you were working with a lot of programs and widows being opened. In such a situation, having an ability to save those opened windows and programs so, that they can be quickly restored back when windows starts, would be a time saver. Here is a great tool that will help you in such a situation.

The Cache My Work tool will help you in such a situation. With Cache My Work you dont wont need to take the pain again for opening back those programs and windows before shutdown, when windows starts again. Cache My Work will help you in restoring your windows after a restart. The program usage is very simple and similar to the session savers in browsers.

Save Opened Windows and Programs with Cache My work

When you run the application it will how you the list of windows and programs that are currently opened. Just tick the applications and windows explorer (for opened windows), click Save and you can restart your system. Upon reboot they will be magically restored back!

What Cache My Work does is that it will simply add a key to the windows registry for opening back those closed programs under the  RunOnce key (WindowsCurrentVersionRunOnce).
WindowsCurrentVersionRunOnce. Cache My Work is a small freeware application approx 500KBand it works with Windows 7 (64 & 32), Windows Vista, Windows XP.

Pros : Time Saver, Small in Size, Works without any problem all all windows versions from XP.

Cons : You’ll still need to re-open your files except in browsers like Firefox, Opera and Chrome. Dont think that your half typed work will be restored as it is. You will lose the work if you havent saved it. Only the program MS Word will be opened.

Verdict : With Cache My work, You dont need to start up the programs and windows (that got closed during shutdown) again after a system reboot. A must have tool for daily users.

Download Cache My Work

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