Some times we increase or decrease the priorities of process when required. Increasing the priority of a process will make it faster and vice-versa. save priority of a process in windowsUsually when you have assigned a particular priority for a process in windows, it retains the priority you set only for the current windows session.When you restart or shutdown windows and when you again check the programs priority, it comes back to normal. Therefore, you need to start setting the priorities all again.

This process can be automated if you have the Prio – Process Priority Saver ApplicationĀ and you could boost up programs by giving them a higher priority.

save priority set for a program

Using the Process Priority Saver is very easy.

  • Start Windows Task Manager [Ctrl + Shift + Esc].
  • Right-click desired process and select Set Priority.
  • Assign the priority you want for the process. You can see the Save Priority Option in the right click menu.

Now the priority for those applications or process will be automatically set and saved so that you need not right click them again for setting the same priority again.

Apart from setting priorities of processes, the program enhances the windows task manager by adding two new tabs to it namely, TCP/IP and Services. The TCP/IP tab gives you all the details about the network connections.

Hovering over a service in the services tab will give you detailed information about the service so that you can easily decide whether the service is needed now or not. You will have options to stop or start the services on right clicking them.

Prio is a very useful application if you are a serious daily windows user and its free for use.

Download Prio

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