When you want to manage multiple wordpress blogs on different niche’s it becomes difficult when they are setup differently. When a new wordpress version or plugin update is released, you need to update each and every blog separately.  This really wastes a lot of time. But if you can run many blogs under a single wordpress installation all these problems ill be put to an end. This can help you in minimizing your work, also if you are thinking of running multiple wordpress blogs on different niches, then this if for you.

Running Multiple WordPress blogs

Running Multiple WordPress blogs

Actually there are three ways for doing this. The first two are simple methods by using plugins for the same. The last method is a bit lengthy and should be tried only by advanced users.

  1. WP Hive Plugin

    WP Hive WordPress plugin is for running multiple wordpress blogs on a single installation.This plugin is for you if you are the only administrator of your site and is looking for a way to synchronize the plugins, themes, and files for all their sites with ease. What makes it more good is the support that it offers for adding subdirectory sites, adding subdomain sites, wildcard domains and subdomains and also it is compatible with most of the wordpress plugins and latest wordpress versions.

    Download WP Hive Plugin

  2. WordPress MU

    This plugin offers you the support for adding unlimited number of users and blogs. WordPress MU plugin can be used along with Domain Mapping Plugin. The tutorial to use it is mentioned in here. The same WordPress MU plugin is used in the wordpress.com website which serves million of users and blogs each day.
    Download WordPress MU Plugin

  3. Unlike the methods mentioned above, i saw a tutorial on this blog which explains how  you can run and manage different wordpress blogs on a single installation. This tutorial works by creating symbolic links from your sites to one and the same WordPress installation and modifying it’s configuration files. So, you’ll only have one installation to be take care of. This tutorial is a bit lengthier one and should only be tried by advanced users.

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