MultiFirefox is a utility that permits you to operate multiple versions of Firefox all at the same time. So you can set up several profiles, for each version of Firefox. The application remembers your last launch preferences, has auto-updating feature and is a definite open source MIT licensed.

The application is available in Dutch and in English version. Whereas, the latest version available is 2.2.001. The application requires PPC / Intel, Mac OS X 10.4.9 or later and at least one version of Firefox.


For the ease of our readers, here is the step wise easy guideline. Just follow it and you will be trough with no problem.

Step 1: Launch MultiFirefox and create a profile. Now the application will automatically exit and launch its own profile manager. Once you have created the desired number of profiles, simply click Exit.

MultiFirefo Profile Manager

Step 2: Now launch the application again and you will see that all profiles that you made are listed. Here comes the application’s job. It will automatically detect different versions of Firefox and lists them.

Step 3:  Choose a profile and the version of Firefox and click on Launch Firefox.

And you are done!

It is of significance to note that you set the application to check for downloads automatically.

We would also want to highlight that the application will not permit you to run Firefox 3 and Firefox 4 consecutively. However, an easy way out is that you can exchange to some other version and thus avoid the conflict. Whereas, if used with only one version of Firefox, this is the easiest way to run multiple profiles.