While merging email ids or importing contacts into your Gmail account or even just deleting unnecessary contacts, there is always the possibility of losing some important contacts. Feeling you get when you find that some contacts are longer seen in your Contacts list is nothing short of misery. Now you may want to get back your old Contacts list.

In order to restore your Gmail Contacts to a previous state :

>Select Contacts on the right sidebar. Then depending on which group of contacts you wish to restore, select the group.

>On top of the contact list you will be able to see an option “More Actions”. Click that and then select “Restore contacts…”.

>Now select the time you want to restore your Contact List to. And click “Restore“. Thats it. As simple as that. You can restore back to 10 minutes, an hour, a day, a week or even a month.

Now you have no reason to be scared while managing your Contacts.