You decided to Reformat your PC. Windows XP didn’t detect your complete capacity of your newly installed SATA Hard Disk. So you tried to boot from the old Hard disk again to correct then problem or to look for help from the Internet. But you have deleted the boot partition by mistake. You have needed or important data on that drive. You will be haunted with a question ” Can i restore a deleted partition to get my data back”. Many users will end up in here. But here is a ‘PC saver’ for you. Here is how you can safely Restore or get back a Partition Deleted by Accident.

Try Downloading the program TestDisk from TestDisk is a freeware and is a very effective software. TestDisk have been created solely for Restoring Partitions deleted by mistake (accidentally).

The program can repair the boot sectors as well as the partition table as per requirement. The program can restore even the Master Boot Record (MBR) if needed.

What make this software special is that you can run it from even a Floppy / CD or even from a Pendrive or USB drive. A really useful technique needed particularly in this kind of situation.

You can Navigate in the Program by using the Arrow keys and confirm the Actions by pressing the enter key.

The changes will happen ie. actual changes to your Hard Disk happens only after pressing [Enter], [Y] and ” OK “. The Proceed option will do an Analysis and the present statues must be saved using the ‘Save’ button.

TestDisk will show the information as CHS ie Cyclinders, Heads and Sectors after a verification has been started with ‘Search’ followed by the total size in MB. What is crucial here is the first character ” * ” means primary and active as boot partition, “P” represent s Primary but not bootable, ” L “is the logical Drive and ” D ” denotes that the partition has been deleted.

Select the deleted partition and place it on ” P ” and save with ” Write “.

You deleted Partition has now been restored !!!!.

Amal Roy is the Founder-Editor of Computing Unleashed. A Technology Enthusiast, Windows Adept and a Proud Geek!