If you are the type of person who depends on website bookmarks a lot for reading and for your work, you’ll have hard time when you lose them or accidentally delete them.

You might sometimes delete the bookmarks accidentally or the bookmark might not work due to a corrupt file. You’ll be saved in such a situation if you have activated the cloud sync service that Firefox provides. Yes, firefox sync feature is staggering useful if activated, you’ll not have the pain of moving your firefox data to another pc for resuming your browsing session. Syncing firefox on a new pc would help you resume the work you’ve paused in another pc. Its really that useful. Sorry about talking too much regarding this, I’m sure this tend some users to start using the sync feature if you’ve still haven’t started using it.

Restore Bookmarks in Firefox

  1. Bring up the Bookmarks Manager Library by Clicking Bookmarks > Show All Book Marks.
  2. Click on “ Import and Backup “ to see the drop down menu.
  3. It is important to create a current backup of your existing bookmarks. (This is important!). For this click on “ Export Bookmarks to HTML “.
  4. exporting bookmarks in firefox

  5. After creating the backup, Hover the mouse over “ Restore “ option this show you backups of bookmarks created by firefox on different dates.
  6. restoring bookmarks in firefox 8,7,6

  7. Clicking on a date would restore the bookmarks but it overwrites the existing bookmarks. No worries, just import the bookmarks backed up earlier and you’re set to go.

There is another option for creating backup of the bookmarks file manually. For this you need to click the “ Backup “ option which shows up when you click on “ Import and Backup “ . The backup file would be saved in JSON format.

You will see an option below those bookmarks backup (see step 5) , to “ Choose File ” which will help you to restore the bookmarks using the json file.

Did you come across such a situation where you lost all the bookmarks ? Did you get them back via any other option ? What did you do to restore them ?

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