With Windows 8, its now far more easy to get your computer to previous state. You now no longer need to reinstall windows from the beginning to get the settings to factory default.  Reset Your PC option in windows 8 will help you restore the settings to the default. Caveat: You will lose all your documents and files stored in the drive you’ve installed windows 8.

  • Insert the Windows 8 DVD into the drive / a bootable windows 8 USB Drive.
  • Open up “ Control Panel ” from the main Mero Window.
  •  Click on ” General ” and you could see the ” Reset Your PC & Start Over ” option on the right pane.Windows 8 factory settings reset
  • After Clicking on the ” Get started ” button you will see the following screen.reset windows 8 pc and start over
  • Click on ” Next ” and windows will bring up another screen asking whether you want to remove all the files from all the drives or you just want to remove the files in the drive windows 8 is installed. Clicking on the ” Show me the list of driver that will be affected ” option will show you the drives that would be affected during windows reset process (Applicable only when you choose  “ all drives ” option).pc has more than one har drive windows 8
  • Clicking on ” Only the drive where Windows is installed ” is preferable if you are concerned with the files stored in other drives.
  • Now click ” Reset ” option in the window displayed. The Windows 8 reset process would start off and reboot your PC.reset windows 8
  • The process would take a while and once this process is finished, you’ll be asked to enter the Windows 8 product key. If you are using the developer version of windows 8, you can progress by clicking the ” Skip ” button.windows 8 product key screen
  • Now Accept the Windows 8 License Agreement and Windows will ask you to enter the Computer Name.windows 8 license agreement
  • Thats it. Your Windows 8 PC will be back to new again.

If you don’t want your files to be removed and only need to have a fresh copy of windows 8 installed its better not reset windows 8. Instead go for the Refresh your PC option which will preserve all your documents while doing a reinstall of the operating system.

Amal Roy is the Founder-Editor of Computing Unleashed. A Technology Enthusiast, Windows Adept and a Proud Geek!