Recovering Deleted Bookmarks in Firefox/ Reconstructing Deleted Bookmarks

The ” Most frequently visited ” Folder in the Bookmarks toolbar will help you to search through your favorite site’s faster. What will you do if you have accidentally deleted them or overwrote them during backup of your computer and you are in need of them to find one of your favorite site.

This is really a problem in Firefox. No option is provided with it to get back the deleted bookmarks once it is gone!. This is so because the bookmark library is a very small database and you need to define a query for that.Here is a solution to recover them.

  1. Right click on the bookmark symbol bar and select ” New bookmark “.
  2. Give ” Most frequently visited websites ” as the” Name “.
  3. Now type this query in the address field ” place:queryType=1&sort 8&maxResults=20 “. Type this carefully.
  4. Confirm by clicking ” Add “.
  5. Done!

Now i will saw how this works. You ask to pull the results from the browser history with ” queryType=0 ” and sort them in decreasing order of visiting frequency with ” sort=8 ” and maxResults=20 will decide how much entries should be displayed. It can be given as you wish it can be 20 or 30 or 40.

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