If you are reading this you might have experienced your iPhone getting into recovery mode each time you reboot after jailbreaking it. iphone reboot loopWell then it is time for you to meet iRecovery. This small program can help you get back your iPhone as good as new by following a few simple steps. 

Download iRecovery for Windows. If you are using an OS other than Windows XP SP2 run it in Windows XP SP2 using compatibility mode and make sure you run it as the Administrator. Windows users need to install Libusb-win32 to run iRecovery.

>After successfully completing the installation of the program, run the test program and list the usb devices, excluding my new device.

>Start iRecovery in Terminal/Console and make sure that you use “iRecovery -S”  instead of iRecovery.

>Now all that is left to do is execute the following commands.

setenv auto-boot true



>And then ofcourse reboot your iPhone by pressing Home and sleep together for 10 seconds and you are done.