Google Account contains most of the important online services that we use. It can be gmail, blogger, orkut etc. recover google account backAll of these can contain vital information about us. Imagine losing these private information, all your photos and gmail contacts one day just by forgetting the google account password, due to a hacking attempt or by forgetting the related email address. There’s only a little to panic in such a case because we can recover the google account back by following some simple steps. This has once happened to me too. First of all let me tell you, “Do not do Any thing in a Hurry!” Think atleast 3 times before you do any thing in this situation.

Recovering Google Account When You Forget the Password

Here is what you have to do in case you google account password is lost.

Case 1) #You have access to the secondary email address you have set

When you have access to the secondary email address you have set in your google account, and you cant login to your current google account.

Before going with the password reset process you can try using a tool called Google Password Decrypter which retrieves the google account user name and passwords stored in applications such as Google Talk, Google Picasa, Google Desktop Search, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome.

Visit The Google Account Password Reset Link and enter your email address and click submit. You will receive the password reset assistance mail in your secondary email address. Now just login to the secondary email account and click the link to reset the google account password and you can recover your google account back.

Case 2) #You don’t remember your secondary email address, it had got expired or you cant access that too

In such a scenario, a security question will be asked and you have to provide the answer to the question to proceed with the password recovery process.

Case 3) #You have forgotten the answer to the security question

In this situation google wont have any way to verify your identity, so the only way is to fill up this form.

google account restore security question

Make your best guess on dates if you’re not sure about them and try to include as much information as you can.

Case 4) #Hacked Google Accounts Not Linked to Gmail

If your Google Account doesn’t use a Gmail address, contact Google by filling this form. This could help in bringing back your Google Account if you scrupulously preserve all your old emails.

Recovering Google Account When it Has Been Hacked

If you feel that your account has been hacked by some one there is nothing to panic.

When your gmail account is hacked, most probably the hacker will be wise enough to change your secondary email address too. So you’ll miss that method to restore your account.If you are lucky enough you can answer the security question and gain back the access. (If the hacker had forgotten to change it) .

The next way is to fill up this form with the most probable details. Its better if you can give the email address of the person who first sent you that invite for Gmail.

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