Recover / Reopen Closed Programs(Applications) Instantly

Recover or Reopen Closed Programs or Applications Instantly

We work with a lot of applications daily. We open and Close many applications frequently. Usually after closing an application we then decide to reopen it (thinking there was no need to close that application at that time or we need to use that again). Things go worse when we close an Application like  Word or notepad accidentally after typing a lot! We mostly encounter these type of situations. Programs like Adobe Photoshop, Pain Shop Pro etc takes some time to load. Closing and opening those applications frequently then becomes a time killer. So here is a small tool that will help you to Re Open or Recover the Closed Programs / Applications in a jiffy.

GoneIn60s is a small application that will help you to Re Open or Recover the Application that has just been closed. This small application becomes really helpful when you have closed an Application with no intention of closing that application and it has just been closed now.

The logic behind GoneIn60s is that the program will delay the shutdown to programs by 60 seconds. The program will be kept in memory for a period of 60 seconds.

When you hit the close button of an Application / Program, you will see the program gets closed as usual without any time delay, but the program will be kept in the memory for a time period of 60 seconds. This is how GoneIn60s works.

Features of GoneIn60s

GoneIn60s is not a resource hungry application. It will remain in the system tray silently.

The 60 seconds that the program offers could be easily Adjusted through the ‘Settings’ option of GoneIn60s

Re-Open or Recover Closed Programs or Applications

There is also one nice feature added. IF you don’t want any application to be kept in the memory, then you can add that programs to the white list. For eg if you want “calculator” not to be kept in memory just add calc.exe to the “ Programs to ignore “ area.

How to Use GoneIn60s

When you want to Re Open or Recover the recently closed program just right click on the GoneIn60s icon in the System tray and you will see a list of recently closed programs. Now Select the Application / Program you want to re open or recover. It will open in the blink of an eye.

Recover or Reopen Closed Programs or Applications Instantly

GoneIn60s is freeware and works with Windows 2000, XP,Vista and windows 7 too.

Download GoneIn60s

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