Keeping old newspapers can always come in handy when you need to look up old articles. But when trying to look up really old articles from a couple years or even a decade ago you may be left in despair. But that is where the internet comes in. There are many options when trying to find old newspaper articles on the internet. Some of these services are even provided by popular newspapers. Here are some of the best ways to get old newspaper articles online.


Get Old Newspaper Articles Online


  • First is Google News. It is easy to use. Just type in the search box and begin. It shows a timeline also so it is easier to find what exactly you were looking for. You will also be notified if the articles you are clicking are not free for viewing. In addition to being a huge archive of old Newspaper articles you can also get latest new.
  • The Olden Times is a great place to find really old Newspaper articles. It has articles dating back to 1788. But there are no recent articles. It only has articles till 1920. But everything is free. So that is a great advantage.
  • Newseum is a great way to find news articles from different places. It provides the front pages of around 800 newspapers from all around the world. You can the front pages of different newspapers of previous days and not just the current day. Its great for finding something that happened a few days ago or more that you may have missed.
  • Trove is provides a large collection of newspapers but it comprises of only newspapers from Australia. The newspaper articles are available here as PDF files.
  • A similar place is the Library of Congress. It provides newspaper articles from 1880s to 1920s. It comprises of articles from across America. It is available as PDF here also.
  • Using Wayback Machine is a great way to get old articles as you can view exactly how a page looked like in the past. The websites of most Major Newspapers provide many articles in the homepage. So to get old articles just use Wayback Machine to reach the date that you want. Type in the website and you will get many images of the site. Just navigate to the one you want.
  • NewspaperARCHIVE provides the largest newspaper article collection dating back to 1753. It will cost $9.99 per month when considering a year subscription.
  • TimesMachine provides a large database dating back to 1853. It has a very easy to use interface. But it is available to home delivery subscribers only.
  • Times Archive provides free viewing of front pages of newspapers dating from 1785-1985. For viewing specific articles a per day charge of £4.95 has to be given.
  • The Boston Globe provides free articles till 1979 and the older ones cost $2.95 per article.The collection of articles dates back till1924. It is a cheaper alternative if you looking for a specific article.

By using these sites you can find old newspaper articles very fast. If you know of any more such sites feel free to comment.