Printing via Email Possible with New Printers From HP

When buying a printer at home or office you will need to do some configuration to take printouts. They include setting up the printer, installing device drivers etc. And you wont be able to print unless you have connected your pc to your printer via the usb. HP has come up with a new range of printers that could solve these problems.

The printers come with features like direct connection to the internet via an Ethernet cable or Wifi and you could easily take those prints without the need of installing any device drivers.

How the printing is done via Email?

Every printer will be assigned a unique email address to which we send the documents, pdf’s and pictures to be printed. This opens a new way for printing directly via new devices such as mobiles, ipad etc. All those devices which could be used to send email could be used to print your  required stuff.

Multiple email attachments will be printed on separate sheets and you only need to make sure that you have sufficient paper and ink stuffed in the printer. The printing process would take around 25 seconds. During this time the documents to be printed are send to hp’s data center and it is then rendered to the correct format there and sent to the printer and the printing job starts.

Take printouts via email with new hp printers

Apps For Printer

This printer can now be fetched with new apps too like in the ipad and iphone, these will help you get webpages directly and print them. HP ePrintCenter has details about the new apps available for hp printers. Google calendar can help you to take printouts of calendars etc.

There is another great feature too. The printer helps you store Scanned documents to the google docs directly. The scanned images will be stored into your google docs account as a a pdf file.

In short these are some great features that we wish to have in our home printer right now. Go can go to for more details.

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