Windows 8 allows you to pin almost any thing to the stat screen for easy access. Windows provides you the option in the right click context menu to pin Files, Applications, Folders etc to the windows 8 start screen. But if you do not use the start screen often, its better to have your most used items pinned to the windows taskbar for easy access. By default Windows 8 and 7 allows you to pin only applications to the Taskbar.

Taskbar Pinner is a nifty utility that allows you to pin almost any thing to your windows takbar.

takbar pinner for windows 8

With Taskbar Pinner, You could PIN

  • Any Folder
  • Any Drive
  • Control Panel items including network connections, God Mode etc
  • Libraries
  • Shell Objects like RUN command, Windows Switcher, Minimize All
  • any folder, file and drive via Windows Explorer Context Menu
  • Folders and Files via drag and drop to the application window
  • Folders and Files via command line : taskbarpinner.exe "path\to\desired\location"

pin virtual folder to taskbar in windows 8

Taskbar Pinner supports windows 8 and windows 7. Taskbar Pinner is Free and doesn’t require an install.

The download is available as zip file and on extracting it you will see two folders windows 7 and windows 8 respectively.

Make sure you choose and run the correct version for your operating system; the author has mentioned this specifically in the readme file that come along with the pack.

Pin to taskbar in right click context menu

To Pin some thing, you could either launch the Taskbar Pinner app or tick the option to Enable the Pin to Taskbar option in the windows explorer right click context menu.

Download Taskbar Pinner  (205 KB)

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