Get the Aero Effect of Vista in Windows XP

I know many XP users who have seen Windows Vista Aero interface will never forget it.It needs good hardware requirements and Windows Vista(except Basic and starter editions).So although you have Vista installed you wont get the eye candy due to hardware limitations .

Boot Windows Vista and XP 2X/4X faster

If you have a multicore CPU you will be surprised if you check the booting speed after turning this setting on.This article is just for people running Windows Vista and have multicore CPU(Quad core or dual core or any multicore CPU).Here’s how to reduce your boot time by nearly half or 1/4 th.

Recover forgotten Administrative password in Windows XP

Most windows users forget their administrative passwords.Most of them end in reinstalling windows and lose their data as well.There are several ways to recover the forgotten password.Below are some methods i have found which can help you to recover the forgotten administrative passwords in Windows XP.

Recover BIOS/CMOS password

Here are some methods to recover your BIOS password.

Get free GPRS (for Airtel Users)

I recently, came to know about a way to get unlimited Airtel GPRS free for live Airtel users.This is done with the help of teashark or Ucweb.Follow the steps below to get unlimited GPRS service in your mobile.

Repair Unaccessible Pendrives under two minutes

When you plug in your pen drive or mp3 player you are unable to access it and suddenly your system stops responding .Then it is due to the bad sectors in your pen drive that is due to memory pool corruption.I can give you a simple step to recover your drive.

8 Smart and Simple Tips to Extend Your Printers Life / Get the Best out of Your Printer

Here are some tricks for you to use your printer efficiently. Mainly i have concentrated on on ink jet printers since inkjet printer is the most widely used one. Most of the time when people buy a printer they wont use it the right way, so they encounter many problems with their printer soon like …

Check For Dead pixels before buying an LCD monitor

Dead pixels are the pixels that don’t work.It appears as if some dust particles had stuck permanently on your monitor.Before you buy an LCD monitor check for it.You can this dead pixels appear only when you switch on your monitor.These are impossible to fix in most cases.