Set Videos as wallpaper in Xp/Vista (without any software)

Haven’t you seen the videos as background in vista ultimate? This is done with the help of a software called Dreamscene.But you can get the same in Windows Xp too and that too without the help of any software.So here’s how you do it.

Convert your Headphones into a Microphone under 10 seconds!!!

Don’t have a mic at home? don’t worry your head phone can do the job.These days there will be hardly any body who doesn’t own a pair of head phones. Now, here is a fantastic that people hardly know to covert their headphones into a mic!

Dual Boot XP and Vista (Install Xp after vista)

Vista and XP both don’t detect each other in boot.My friend informed me that the earlier way that i posted was not applicable to Windows Vista Home Basic.

Make a Folder Compelety Invisible in Windows

Do you want a folder to be completely hidden?.In windows even if we make a folder properties hidden it will be shown when we use the option ‘search for hidden files and folder’ while searching a file.But here is a trick that really make the folder invisible.So here’s how you do it.

How to Speed up the Booting Process really well

speed up windows boot

The common method used to determine system performance is the boot speed. Though this isn’t really right, people tend to have a fascination with boot speeds. Let’s take a look at some of the common tricks used to speed up the booting process.

Unlock Vista’s hidden boot screen

Bored with the vista’s regular boot screen of windows vista?.There is another boot screen in Windows Vista bundled with it that we can unlock.

Experience Windows Vista Ultimate SP1 without Installing

Do you want to experience Windows Vista without installing it?. Virtual Techlabs are providing an opportunity to experience Windows Vista Ultimate with SP1. All you need to do is to register by giving your email and other information.It is completely virtual. So it will never affect your system.