Boot From USB and CD even if Bios or Motherboard Don’t support it

I had written a post on how to make pendrives bootable earlier.But if you are in a situation that you Bios don’t support booting from USB or from a CD. There is a boot manager called PLoP which can solve this problem very easily.This program can do the job even without installing it on the …

New Trick to send Unlimited SMS FREE for (Airtel Users) 100% Working

Hi friends here is a great trick to send unlimited free sms to any where free from Airtel mobile phones. Follow the steps below.

How TO DELETE FOLDER contents by retaining Folder Structure in Windows XP

So here is a tutorial to delete the contents of a folder by retaining the folder structure. This option to ” Empty folder contents” can be added to the right click menu is so easy follow the steps below.

Get the Tabbed Browsing in Windows Explorer for Windows XP/Windows Vista

How about browsing the windows explorer as we do in Internet explorer and Mozilla Firefox. Well, QTTabBar is a small utility that helps to get the tabbed browsing feature in both Windows XP and Windows vista. Here is a small tutorial about how to use the tool.

Insert /Add "Open in New Window " Option in Windows Explorer context menu

Here is a trick to add ” Open in New Window ” option to explorer right click menu or context menu.