Need For Speed Shift was enjoyed by the iphone fans till now. Now here comes nfs shift for android phones which is going to deliver the racing experience in the android phones like it did in the iphone.NFS Shift for android The new android phones too come with pretty much powerful hardware configurations. So there is no doubt that nfs shift for android phones will run effortlessly with all new visual effects. Moreover the bright and large screens that the android phones use, will enhance the gaming experience.

NFS Shift for android phones

Need for Speed Shift for Android Phones is going to release on June 4, the same date on which HTC Evo 4G Release Date have been confirmed. Since now there aren’t any quality games around for the android phones for testing out the powerful hardware of HTC Evo and the Google Nexus One.

With the release of nfs shift for android phones, developers might find a new gateway for developing much more visually stunning and exciting games in the market. It is sure that nfs shift will be admitted by a large number of android fans.

Lets wait and see what will be the new features of NFS Shift in Android Phones.

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