Google has been updating almost all their websites with the new HTML 5 specification and they’ve updated youtube with a design that’s pretty similar to Google +. The new design aligns the webpage to the left of the screen leaving you a lot of free space in the center.

The sidebar on the left lists all of your subscriptions and brings up the recent videos on clicking it. They’ve managed to move the subscriptions as link in the sidebar and the home page now lists the newly uploaded videos under What to watch section on the sidebar.

The new left aligned youtube design has been receiving too many criticism and most people are not comfortable with the new design at all.This would be more prominent for the people who use larger monitors for their PC.

new youtube left aligned design

If you personally feel uncomfortable with the new design, then you could get back the old centered layout of youtube in Google Chrome and Firefox in a few steps. For implementing this change, you need to install  the Greasemonkey addon in the browser and then install the corresponding Youtube Center Aligned script that would align youtube back to center.

Moving Youtube Layout To Center in Mozilla Firefox

Install the Greasemonkey addon in firefox and then visit Youtube Center Aligned script page and then click on the install button to add the script to the browser.

Open up youtube and refresh the page for the changes to get reflected.

Youtube Center Layout in Google Chrome

Google Chrome won’t let you install third party scripts directly from external sources, so open up Tools > Extensions.

Now download the Youtube Center Aligned script.

Now drag and drop the downloaded extension to the extensions window, from downloads bar in Google Chrome to get it installed.

chrome youtube center script installation

You’d see a popup message near the top right side of the menu bar stating Youtube Center Aligned has been added to Chrome.

youtube center installed on chrome

Alternatively you may check the bottom of the extensions page to verify the installation of Youtube Center Aligned Script.

youtube centered layout after script installation

Now, Open Up Youtube and Press F5 to reload the page to see the centered youtube layout again.

Set My Subscriptions Page as Default in Youtube’s New Layout

You might have also noticed that visiting youtube home page directly takes to the “What to watch” tab instead of showing you the video uploads from the channels you’re subscribed to.

youtube what to watch subscritptions

You’d need to click again on the My subscriptions link to see the video uploads from your subscribed channels.

While the above script helps you move the layout of new youtube to center, this tweak could be done by the Youtube Subscriptions user script.

Steps to install the script in firefox and chrome is same as the above so you may refer the above procedure for installing this script.

It would have been much better if they could provide color scheme and layout customization options for the youtube users.

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