When we look at the Launchpad and Mission Control we normally do have a jest of a sensation that Steve Jobs has visualized a convenient future in which Apple users will have to jumble little with files and get more into using the applications. That future is here now in shape of HIDE ALL with appealing improvements.

Hide All is a Mac application that allows you to minimize all the applications and Finder windows with just a single click. The application simply makes the desktop empty preventing the hectic task of closing every application individually.


The application has very simple interface. It just comprises of four buttons. These buttons are used to minimize all windows, to restore the windows that have been minimized, to hide the application and fourth is to quit it.

The new version 1.6.4 is now available. It requires PPC / Intel, Mac OS X 10.3.9 or later.

The application, after its launch, restores the windows which have been minimized earlier. There, it can be said that the application is merely used to minimize and restore windows that have been minimized using the application. It should also be noted that the application fails to restore if you minimize the application after the launch.

Hide All Minimize

Let’s have a brief overview of the working of the application. If you wish to minimize all windows, then simply click Hide All Apps. Wait for a few seconds and the windows are gone. Now if you wish to restore the windows just click UNHIDE ALL APPLICATIONS. That’s simply all!