A plethora of both free and paid mind mapping apps that includes tons of useful features are available for windows 7. Though new apps are just sprouting for windows 8 in the store, a new addition to the productivity hood is Mind8.

Mind Mapping is a simple way to organize and create a network like diagram of ideas, thoughts, connections etc. 

Mind 8 is a Free New app for windows 8, lets see what it has got.

Installing Mind8 App in Windows 8

To get Mind8, get to the windows 8 start screen by pressing the Windows button.

Now type Mind8 in the search, and click on the Store from sidebar.

installing mind8 in Windows 8

You’ll see the app being listed on the left pane and proceed by installing it and it would be shown on your windows 8 start screen. The app launches with One Click from Metro Screen.

Mind8 App Interface

The interface is very simple and beautiful with white and blue colors. The main interface shows you the mind maps created.

mind8 menu in windows 8

You may proceed by creating a new mind map by clicking the + icon on the top right corner of screen or by pressing Ctrl + N shortcut.

Features of Mind8

It has got only those very basic functionality that you’d expect from any mind mapping software. It allows you to create / delete new nodes, or edit existing nodes by pressing F2.

mind8 for windows 8 review

It’s worth mentioning that, it allows you to pin the mind maps you’ve created to the windows 8 start screen. It might help you in quickly accessing specific mindmaps, just by skipping the need for opening the direct mind8 application.

pin new mind8 maps to windows 8 start screen

It allows you to Undo / redo the actions while you are inside the app, but once you switch from the app to its main interface, you could no longer undo / redo the actions.

If you’ve linked your Microsoft Live account with your Windows 8 PC, you could benefit from its automatic synchronizing feature that would enable access to your mind8 maps from any where.

Mind8 supports both 32bit and 64 bit platforms and language support includes English, Spanish, French, German & Italian.

It lacks some of the expected features and some cons include the following.

Cons of Mind8

  • Basic formatting & highlighting.
  • Adding colored labels exporting the mind maps to various formats such as HTML, JPEG, PNG or PDF.
  • Sharing is limited to people using Mind8.
  • Doesn’t support importing other mind mapping application formats.
  • Grouping Nodes.
  • Limited to Simple Tree Structure.
  • Could have extended the usage of Keyboard Shortcuts.

Mind8 allows you to print the mind maps you’ve created, but that is a premium feature which asks you to pay $2.99 for enabling the functionality.

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Mind8 doesn’t have all the bells and whistles that you’d find in other mind mapping desktop applications for windows, but if you are preferring a free and simple solution for brain storming your ideas, its worth giving Mind8 a try.

Amal Roy is the Founder-Editor of Computing Unleashed. A Technology Enthusiast, Windows Adept and a Proud Geek!