The Windows Dev Center has shown the most common differences in layout between an iOS and Windows’ new Metro interface. The walk through not just proposes the look, but also the unfolding of commands and their respective responses. For this, Microsoft has created a comprehensive guide that breaks down every feature.

The guide shows how iPad functionality can be made possible within Windows 8. For the walk through guideline, Microsoft has also purposed a photo journal. There are numerous areas where Microsoft has established a focus like search, content manipulation, navigation, and gesture support.

accelerometer of windows 8 on tablet

It is certainly not a very direct instructional how-to tutorial. However, it does show Microsoft seeing iPad developers as a major key to its attempt in building support for tablet-native applications. The guide eventually leads to the tools for a more directly help port applications.

setting of windows 8 on tablet

Windows 8 is in an attempt to quad traditional PC developers. By making use of the Intel-based systems and ARM-based tablets that are obviously targeted at the iPad. Although Microsoft has always established the finest tablet computing category its approach of supporting PCs with pen support had let Apple immediately overtake it. The ARM systems introduced recently will be directed by Microsoft and designed with an eye towards tight hardware and software integration.

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It not surprising that Microsoft is   now well aware to the reason behind Windows 8 being better than iOS. This is also shown in their images posted. Viewrs can enjoy a much noticeable larger screen as compared to the 9.7 inch iPad. It is of no doubt that the iOS is purely a mobile OS whereas Windows 8 takes the lead in both the desktop and tablet OS.

work with images on windows 8 on tablets

zoom and touch of windows 8 on tablet

Well if you are aware of the Windows 8 and have an experience of working with iOS then the guide posted will hopefully prove to be of value to you in comparing the two platforms for optimizing your application and of course improve the work flow.

So all those who end up saying yes it’s the better option, they can just go on and download Windows 8 Consumer Preview or Windows 8 Beta version.

Although this is still in beta stages, it is much stable and easy to use. Until now, nobody pointed out any serious bug in it and million of people are using it on their laptops and desktops. Don’t forget to check Windows 8 exclusive tricks and tips, check out the Windows 8 category.

Some new users are facing difficulty in using it without any start button, all such users and you should not miss a guide on How to Get Back Old Start Button In Windows 8.

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